'A Recording Artist That Makes Great, Inspiring Music, That Just Happens To Be In A Wheelchair'

   This piece is one of the most challenging I've had to write. There are multiple reasons why it's hard to put this in print, but probably the most difficult reason, is that it's 2017 and I thought we were closer to maybe not equality, but at least understanding.
    I recently had an experience that made me feel less than equal, and made me wonder if this has been happening all along. The question I ask myself is, "Have people been giving me opportunities to either further their own agenda by making it look like they're doing something good, or because they see me as a fragile, palliative individual that just wants one 'final wish'?"
    This really hit me in the gut, because since the moment I realized that my songs could stand on their own, I have said that I NEVER want to be known as 'the guy in the wheelchair that does his best to make music,' I have always strived to be 'a recording artist that makes great, inspiring music, that just happens to be in a wheelchair.'
    Now, I'm not going to go into detail, because it's really nobody's fault, it's just a lack of education. For far too long society has seen individuals with special needs as burdens, and have basically said to us that as long as we're breathing, that's good enough, we don't need to have dreams or aspirations. I don't perform as much as an A List artist obviously, but I do perform, and don't need pity performances to help me get ahead.
    If you're booking me to perform because you think you're 'making my wish come true' then please state that beforehand, and I will decide on how I would like to proceed; because let's be honest, if Drake comes calling I'm likely to just say yes right off the bat!
    As long as you're upfront with me, you'll find that I'm more than understanding, and quite easy to work with.
    If you're one of those that support me for the music that I make and the message I spread, then I thank you for being the energy that I need to keep me pushing forward.
    I know that someday they'll understand where my music is coming from.

Written By Brent "B-Flix" Flicks

Twitter: @B_flicky or @BFLIXMUSIC
Instagram: @bflix


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